Pumping Systems

Tushaco is a well known brand in the rotary positive displacement pump market because of its performance proven pumping solutions. With so many years of experience in design and supply of these pumps, Tushaco came out with pumping stations/systems. These customer engineered systems will deliver your exact requirements. Some of the pumping systems we offer for Power Generation industry include


Turbo Group Auxiliary System

Lube Oil Sytem

Jacking Oil Sytem

Control Oil Sytem

Seal Oil

Water Injection Sytem

Fuel Oil injection Sytem

Purge Water Sytem

Washing Sytem

Cooling Water Sytem


Fuel Oil Systems

Fuel Oil unloading

Fuel oil transfer

Fuel oil supply

Fuel oil injection


Diesel Engine System

Cooling water System

Lube oil System

Fuel oil System

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